Snake eyes tongue piercing

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Snake eyes tongue piercing

Piercings are very common these days, and people are adopting this trend very fast. Among all the popular piercings, the snake eyes tongue piercing catches the attention of people due to its unique appearance.

girl with snake eyes tongue piercing

You must have noticed eyebrow piercings on every other face, but this particular type of piercing is getting popular very fast. As the name suggests, the tip of the tongue looks like snake eyes, especially when you peek out the tongue from your mouth while speaking.

Is snake’s eyes tongue piercing Safe?

When it comes to snake eyes tongue piercing, most experts consider it an unsafe technique. You must have noticed that professionals refuse to do such kind of piercing because of their risk factors. Several risk factors are associated with snake eyes tongue piercing, such as cracking of teeth, gum recession, bleeding, swelling, and other long-term concerns.

As we know, the tongue is one of the most sensitive organs of our body, having tiny nerve endings connected. Therefore, one must not overlook the risks.

Turn your tongue into snake eyes

The snake eyes tongue piercing uses the curved barbell, and the two ends of the jewelry look like the snake’s eyes. The two balls of jewelry give your tongue an appearance of snake eyes, which look attractive when you peek out your tongue while speaking. However, it seems unique, and people are making this trendy, but you should never ignore the negative aspects of this technique.

Healing time

One hurdle in all the piercings is the prolonged healing time, which makes it unworthy. The healing time associated with snake eyes tongue piercing is four to eight weeks initially, and you may require more than three months to heal completely. The long healing time will increase your discomfort as you have to be extra careful while speaking and eating. Many people experience worse swelling that takes at least one month to go away completely. During the healing time, you have to follow strict rules, including eating a soft diet and limit your speaking.

The hazards of Snake Eyes Piercing

Horizontal piercings are always associated with risks and hazards that are irreversible. In horizontal piercing, the piercing needle passes through the tip of the tongue. It is also called snake eyes piercings which look cute and unique. Although it looks pretty, the side effects aren’t much attractive. The snake eyes piercing causes gum erosion, lisps while talking, and cracked teeth.

These kinds of piercings are unsafe because the jewelry gets pressed against the gums, and once the gums are gone, they are no ways to cure them. You must have noticed that some English letters like TH, L, and S sounds require touching your tongue with upper teeth. In such a case, when the metal touches every time you speak, it leads to a chipped tooth.

Moreover, the muscles of the tongue which work independently are bind together. Thus, it can cause lisps while speaking and permanent paralysis of the tongue in rare cases. The horizontal tongue piercings also make it hard for you to swallow or chew hard foods.

Vertical Tongue Piercing gives you a similar look

If you want a similar look in snake eyes piercings but without much risk, you should go for the vertical tongue piercing on either side of the tongue. The vertical piercing on both sides of the tongue will give you the same look as horizontal piercings. In vertical piercings, the piercing needle goes vertical on each side of the tongue. You have more jewelry choices in the vertical piercings because the jewelry will not rub against the gums while speaking and eating.

What if you identify the issue in the beginning?

There are many scary things associated with snake eyes tongue piercings, and one such is dental issues. Ordinary people cannot check the back gum lines, and when people start identifying the problem, it’s too late. Some people go for regular checkups, but they didn’t realize that piercing had been causing such issues.

If the tongue piercings are so bad, why people offer them?

Unfortunately, there are no strict rules in the piercing industry. There are no enforced standards or information for the safety concerns and risk factors of snake eyes piercing. Many people don’t care about the health risks associated with such procedures. Some ignorant people do not adequately communicate with the experts and thus end up in serious complications. Although there is a 2% risk involved in every procedure, this piercing is very dangerous. There isn’t much research available to tackle the long-term side effects of tongue piercings, so you should go for this piercing at your own risk.

Difference between Snake eyes and tongue piercing

The snake eyes piercing is a form of tongue piercing in which the two ends of jewelry on either side of your tongue look like snake eyes. There are many alternatives to snake eyes tongue piercing, such as lip piercing. The double lip piercing is also known as snake bite piercing, in which the two sides of the lower lip are pierced.

The Snake Bite Piercing

If you are looking for snake-themed piercings, then snake bite piercing will be the perfect choice for you. It is one of the most incredible alternatives to snake eye-piercing. The snake bite piercing involves two piercings on either side of the lower lip and is equidistant from each other. However, lip piercing takes more time to heal but is safe than snake eyes piercing. You don’t need to compromise your safety in case of this piercing.

Venom Piercings VS Snake Eyes (Which one is better)?

There are various forms of tongue piercings, also known as venom piercing. The snake eyes piercing is a unique form of tongue piercing in which both sides of your tongue get piercing. If you want to go with tongue piercing, you can consider a safe option that involves piercing in your tongue’s center. The central piercing eliminates the risk associated with snake eyes in which two muscles of the tongue may get affected. You can avoid the potential side effects such as teeth cracking and gum recession. These are safe options as compared to the eyes snakes piercing. However, it would help if you choose a professional to do the job effectively.


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